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Intel 64 and IA-32 CPUID Information

This module is available for betterC compilation mode.

References Intel® 64 and IA-32 Architectures Software Developer’s Manual

Ilya Yaroshenko
struct Leaf2Information;
TLB and Cache information.
For convinient Cache information see also Leaf4Information..

Specification Intel

auto leaf2 = Leaf2Information(_cpuid(2));
Cache il1;
Level-1 instuciton cache
Cache l1;
Level-2 data cache
Cache l2;
Level-2 unified cache
Cache l3;
Level-2 unified cache
Tlb itlb;
Intruction TLB
Tlb hitlb;
Intruction TLB, huge pages
Tlb dtlb;
Data TLB
Tlb hdtlb;
Data TLB, huge pages
Tlb gdtlb;
Data TLB, giant pages
Tlb dtlb1;
Data TLB1
Tlb hdtlb1;
Data TLB1, huge pages
Tlb utlb;
Second-level unified TLB
Tlb hutlb;
Second-level unified TLB, huge pages
Tlb gutlb;
Second-level unified TLB, giant pages
int prefetch;
prefetch line size
int trace;
Cache trace
bool noCacheInfo;
true if CPUID leaf 2 does not report cache descriptor information. use CPUID leaf 4 to query cache parameters.
union Leaf4Information;
Deterministic Cache Parameters for Each Level.
** - Add one to the return value to get the result.

Specification Intel

if(maxBasicLeaf >= 4 && vendorIndex ==
    Cache cache = void;
    Leaf4Information leaf4 = void;
    foreach(ecx; 0..12)
    { = _cpuid(4, ecx);
        debug(cpuid) import std.stdio;
        debug(cpuid) writefln("Cache #%s has type '%s' and %s KB size", ecx, leaf4.type, leaf4.size);
CpuInfo info;
CPUID payload
enum Type: int;
const pure nothrow @nogc @property @trusted Type type();
Cache Type Field.
const pure nothrow @nogc @property @trusted uint level();
Cache Level (starts at 1).
const pure nothrow @nogc @property @trusted bool selfInitializing();
Self Initializing cache level (does not need SW initialization).
const pure nothrow @nogc @property @trusted bool fullyAssociative();
Fully Associative cache.
const pure nothrow @nogc @property @trusted uint maxThreadsPerCache();
Maximum number of addressable IDs for logical processors sharing this cache. **
const pure nothrow @nogc @property @trusted uint maxCorePerCPU();
Maximum number of addressable IDs for processor cores in the physical package **
const pure nothrow @nogc @property @trusted uint l();
System Coherency Line Size **.
const pure nothrow @nogc @property @trusted uint p();
Physical Line partitions **.
const pure nothrow @nogc @property @trusted uint w();
Ways of associativity **.
const uint s;
Number of Sets **.
const pure nothrow @nogc @property @trusted bool invalidate();
Write-Back Invalidate/Invalidate. false if WBINVD/INVD from threads sharing this cache acts upon lower level caches for threads sharing this cache. true if WBINVD/INVD is not guaranteed to act upon lower level caches of non-originating threads sharing this cache.
const pure nothrow @nogc @property @trusted bool inclusive();
true - Cache is not inclusive of lower cache levels. false - Cache is inclusive of lower cache levels.
const pure nothrow @nogc @property @trusted bool complex();
false - Direct mapped cache. true A complex function is used to index the cache, potentially using all address bits.
pure nothrow @nogc @property uint size()();
Compute cache size in KBs.
pure nothrow @nogc @property void fill()(ref Cache cache);